Out of Game Info

1. This campaign takes place in the Greyhawk campaign setting. Specifically the Flanaess region of the Oerik continent.

2. The starting date for the campaign is the 18th of Coldeven, 581 CY.

3. The campaign is played under Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition rules. The preferred copy of the rulebook is the 1995 “black border” edition (TSR 2159), but the original 1989 edition is acceptable (TSR 2101).


UPDATE 5/21/13 With the release of the ‘Premium’ editions of the AD&D 2nd edition core rulebooks these will now be the preferred copies of the books used for this campaign (ISBN 978-0786964451).


4. Any and all official errata will be in play during this campaign. This includes documents released by TSR/WotC as well as rules clarifications and errata as presented in the ‘Sage Advice’ column of Dragon Magazine.

Players will be responsible for obtaining a minimum of rules knowledge, for being aware of errata where applicable, as well as understanding of the items presented in this listing.

The only thing that may supersede an official rule or errata is a “house rule”. The listing of house rules in use for this campaign may be found here.

Out of Game Info

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